Monday, December 21, 2009

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Taken Over is a five piece Metal / Hard Rock band from the Inland Empire area. Their sound is that of
heavy, catchy guitar riffs, driven by solid chest pounding drum beats and commanding bass. The vocals
consist of harmonic melodies paired with aggressive gutteral screams matching with the overall moods
of the songs. It can be compared with the likes of As I Lay Dying, All That Remains,Drowning Pool,DevilDriver,
The band was formed in July of 2009 and consists of Todd-on Drums(30yrs old), Chris-on Guitar(30yrs old),
Serj-on Guitar(25yrs old),Rich-on Vocals(32yrs old), and ????-on Bass(90yrs old).
Three of the five members were in a band together previous to Taken Over. From 8/04 - 4/05,
Rich-(Bass), Serj-(Guitar), and Chris-(Guitar) played in a band called Held Down By Hate.
Serj and Chris decided to create a new band, so they searched and searched before finally coming
across a talented young drummer named Fabian. Next, they knew they were going to need a bassist
so who better to ask than their old friend Rich who played bass for Held Down By Hate previously
with them. He declined playing bass, but explained that he would rather sing than play bass nowadays.
So, Serj, Chris, and Fabian had Rich tryout for the vocal position and decided he was their man for
the job. Fabian lasted quite a few months before moving to Las Vegas for a job opportunity.
The band now needed a tight drummer ASAP, so they called up one of the drummers they played with
in HDBH, Todd. They decided he would be perfect for their band after one practice,so they
offered him a spot.
Taken Over is currently looking for a Bassist to complete the band lineup.

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